Chemical Boiler Cleaning

Chemical Boiler Cleaning

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2000.00 - 6000.00 INR

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  • 20 Kilograms
  • 2000.00 - 6000.00 INR

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  • 1 Kilograms Per Week
  • 1 Week

Product Description


Purpose of cleaning chemical :
The primary reasons for cleaning chemical of boilers or heat exchangers are to prevent tube failures & improve unit availability. Tube failures in low pressure boilers/heat exchangers are normally the results of creep which occurs when internal deposits produce excessive metal temperature. A relatively smaller quantity of deposit creates difficulties in high pressure boilers. Caustic corrosion & hydrogen damage, which occur only in the presence of deposits, may cause tube failures at temperatures well below the creep limit. Deposits originating both from fabrication & during operation should be considered potential problems.

All the pressure parts of steam generator may be subjected to heat treatment of some sort during fabrication or erection during forming operations, stress relief, welding or bending. Whenever carbon low alloy steels are subjected to high temperatures in the presence of air, oxidation occurs, the oxide produced is known as mill scale. Mill scale on boiler/ heat exchanger tubing is normally very thin with the exception of areas near welds & bends. Even where mill scale is initially uniform its brittleness upon cooling may produce flaking. The resulting non-uniform surface is undesirable from the standpoint of corrosion susceptibility. During operation mill scale is rapidly eroded from the steam generating surfaces & may subsequently be redeposited in critical areas. Preoperational acid cleaning removes mill scale & serves to remove atmospheric rust which inevitably accumulates to some degree during erection.

After a boiler or  heat exchanger placed into service, numerous solid constituents may enter the units with the feed water & some portion of the insolubles can be expected to deposit on surfaces. If not removed these deposits accumulated over a period of time can minimize the quantity of these materials; however, complete freedom from deposition is not possible in a high pressure system. The need for occasional chemical cleaning during the life of the equipment has become a recognized fact & should be accepted as a routine maintenance practice. A frequency of service cleaning of every 3 to 4 months is recommended. This frequency should be increased if individual unit operating history dictates.


CLEANING CHEMICAL is designed to remove the scaling& corrosion products from boiler& cooling water circuits , heat changers etc. It is a liquid formulation to remove hardness & low concentrated silica scales that can be removed offline by circulating its dilute solution of the chemical. It is a balance formulation of  Hydrochloric Acid, Dispersant Wetting Agents & Corrosion Inhibitor.



CLEANING CHEMICAL is safe & non-corrosive for  descaling ,it dissolves hardness scales quickly & complectly..


CLEANING CHEMICAL contains a synthetic polymeric corrossion inhibitor which forms protective film on the parent metal surface to prevent acid  attack .


CLEANING CHEMICAL contains a wetting agent which emulsifies oil grease present in the deposits. The detergent action of Aquablend-DS loosens dirt ,silt,algae etc which can be removed  during water flushing. 


CLEANING CHEMICAL  should be dosed in 5-10 % solution in water . warm water may be used for faster action . normally the quantity of scale required depends upon the operating condition quantity of scales and hold up , Numatik Engineers Pvt Ltd  will provide technical assistance to setup optimum dosage according to operating  conditions  and system.


CLEANING CHEMICAL   should be stored in an air tight container away from direct heat. Always store at cool & dry place.. Wash thoroughly with water in case of contact. Do not swallow.

CLEANING CHEMICAL is available in 20 Kg & 35 Kg. HDPE CARBOY.



AQUABLEND-XL is designed to remove  the scales from boiler online. It is a liquid formulation to remove iron, calcium ,magnesium scales are removed slowly during normal operation. 



AQUABLEND-XL contains powerful sequesterant and dispersant which helps to remove accumulated sludge from an operating boiler. It eliminates the shut down required for descaling of the pipe lines & equipment.


AQUABLEND-XL  is safe & non-corrosive for online descaling of a boiler as it only attacks the scales while protecting metal surface against corrosion.


AQUABLEND-XL can be used along with other boiler water treatment chemicals. It does not require any special arrangement for dosing.


AQUABLEND-XL is to be used  only when boiler is due for descaling or you suspect some scale forming taken place inside the boiler. 


AQUABLEND-XL should be dosed at 10-20 ppm.. Dose the solution  in boiler feed  water line until scale is removed from the boiler. Numatik Engineers Pvt Ltd  will provide technical assistance to set up optimum dosages according to your operating conditions. and available dosing system in your plant.  


AQUABLEND-XL  should be stored in an air tight container away from direct heat. Always store at cool & dry place.. Wash thoroughly with water in case of contact. Do not swallow.


AQUABLEND-XL  is available in 20 Kg. & 35 Kg.  carboys.
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