R.O. Chemicals

R.O. Chemicals

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100.00 - 300.00 INR

R.O. Chemicals Price And Quantity

  • 20 Kilograms
  • 100.00 - 300.00 INR

R.O. Chemicals Trade Information

  • 1 Kilograms Per Week
  • 1 Week

Product Description

R.O Chemicals :

We are dealing in RO chemicals, Industrial RO chemicals, RO treatment chemicals, RO System, which can cause several problems if they remain unprocessed. The bad quality of these chemicals can led into:

  • Inorganic, bio fouling and colloidal results.
  • Weakened permeate recovery
  • Augmented pressure differential
  • Diffuse conductivity

Regular membrane cleaning at last result into immature membrane failure. Scaling elements like Sulphates, Carbonates, Fluoride, Silicates, Iron, & Aluminium are extremely effective threshold agents, which control precipitation by enhancing their their solubility extent. Making iron fouling it also acts as an iron impound.


AQUABLEND-902 is planned preparation of antiscalant with high plane of silica & metal oxides, used for feeding water. Use of aquablend-902 will insure the power of silica scales & fouling and will provide a long life of machines.


Allows effective scale control.

Aquablend-902 decreases scaling and cleaning rate due to the metal oxides. Efficacious big range of denseness such as residual agents or aluminum rich silica or iron. It is firm over wide scope of pH & temperature.

Eliminate conventional treatment.

Aquablend-902 successfully supersedes conventional treatment of SHMP and eliminate its drawbacks.

Maximum recover

Aquablend-902 efficaciously controls the scales of barium / calcium / strontium and make optimal control over feed water with conc. Silica level is up to 280 ppm.

Control deposition of suspended solids.

Aquablend-902 remove the slit & colloidal particles with abidance to a clean membrane that is compatible with water and is non corrosive.


AQUABLEND- 902 should be treated in 1-10 ppm (neat ). Dosing is done before the cartridge filtrate. We provide technical assistance with the product to setup the optimum dosage in compliance with operating conditions.


Storage of AQUABLEND-902
  • Stock an air tight container.
  • Keep away from direct heat.
  • Put in a cool & dry place.
  • Washing is suggestive in case with physical contact.
  • Internal consumption is forbidden.
  • AQUABLEND-902 is acquirable in 20 Kg. HDPE drums.


AQUABLEND-921 is configured compound of cleaners in reverse osmosis system and removes the following elements:

  • Carbonates
  • Metal oxides
  • Sulfate scales of barium
  • Sulfate scale of calcium
  • Sulfate scale of strontium


In reverse osmosis system operation on feed water contains barium and strontium except forming salts of common hardness. Aquablend-921 effectively take out arduous barium sulfate scales as well as the also scales of strontium and calcium.

Some other benefits are:

  • Low foam placement
  • Liquid cleaner, which permits shortened mixing time.
  • No harmful effect of working system.
  • Cost effective.


AQUABLEND- 921 should be treated in 0.5 - 3 % mixture in D.M. water. We will also assist by giving technical help that includes setup and optimum dosage in accordance with the operational conditions.


For the storage of AQUABLEND-92, we should follow following suggestions:

  • Should be packed in an air tight container.
  • Should be kept away from direct heat.
  • Store at a cool & dry spot.
  • Wash thoroughly if a physical contact is occurred.
  • Swallowing is impermissible.
  • AQUABLEND-921is available in 20 Kg. Compacted in HDPE drums


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